Engauge presents: From Inside of Here

Fri May 08:

$13 General Admission
$10 Student/Senior/Veteran
$7 Member

Bill Basquin
1h 24m
Series - Visiting Artists

Visiting Artist

** Director in attendance! **


** Co-presented with the Interbay Cinema Society **

From Inside of Here is an 84-minute experimental film. The filmmaker filmed alone, over the course of 3 years and 8 camping trips to the Gila National Forest of New Mexico. The only people encountered were elk hunters and government agents suspicious of the filmmaker’s California license plates and reasons for being there.

The audience is invited to understand the filmmaker as a subject coproduced by their location, as well as consider the ways the land is coproduced by those on it. The place itself is a character in the film, as are the filmmaker’s methods.

The film is composed of multiple media: 16mm film, HD video, infrared stills, inter-titles, and sound recordings. The result is a feminist ethnographic landscape film that communicates both the majesty of 1800s landscape photography and the violence of a settler colonial gaze that is its context.

The Gila National Forest in the New Mexico is the site for the reintroduction of the endangered Mexican Grey Wolf. The species was hunted and poisoned to near extinction by the US Biological Survey in the early 1900s. The US Biological Survey is a direct predecessor of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which is the agency now responsible for re-establishing the species.

Bill Basquin

Bill Basquin

Bill Basquin is an artist and filmmaker who enjoys the lessons that come from attending to worlds both wild and domestic. Bill’s films have been shown at the Mix Experimental Queer Film Festival, the Sundance Film Festival, the Ann Arbor Film Festival, and the New York Museum of Modern Art. Basquin lives and works in San Francisco, CA.

Learn more about Interbay Cinema Society

Learn more about Interbay Cinema Society

Interbay Cinema Society was founded by filmmakers Jon Behrens and Caryn Cline.

Their mission is to provide material support for filmmakers working experimentally with celluloid film. Their organization includes

· LightPress Grants  providing artists with the means to digitize their film work,
· Engauge Experimental Film Festival , showcasing sprocket-driven, artist-made work on screen, and
· ICS Educational Initiative , hosting workshops and screenings to practice and understand experimental filmmaking techniques.

They support emerging and established filmmakers through the grant and their festival, and they encourage new filmmakers with their educational initiative. Their ultimate goal is to foster more work on celluloid and to help offset the enormous costs of making film work available in high quality digital formats.

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