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Neil Jordan
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1993’s proto-goth vampire classic, Interview with a Vampire, directed by Neil Jordan (In the Company of Wolves, The Crying Game) stars Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt as Lestat and Louis respectively, two immortal, totally straight bros who raise a vampire child while wearing cravats and going to the theater. This movie tells the story of how Lestat and Louis survive through the centuries as bloodthirsty creatures of the night. You couldn’t even call yourself a goth in the ’90s unless you had a VHS copy of this movie on your night stand and a pirate blouse in your closet.

Here’s the tea. Anne Rice originally wrote the adaptation of her book with French actor Alain Delon in mind as the lead actor for Lestat, then British actor Julian Sands (Warlock, Arachnophobia) was in talks to be casted. But because Sands was not as big of a star in the states a young, hotter actor was picked, Tom Cruise. Now this was sensational, Cruise was the dark horse pick for such a juicy, villainous, campy, and (quite frankly) homoerotic role. Rice was so adamantly against the cocktail-mixing top gun from being in her film that she was quoted saying that Cruise was “no more my vampire Lestat than Edward G. Robinson is Rhett Butler.”

She recommended other actors, including John Malkovich, Peter Weller, Jeremy Irons, and Alexander Godunov. This is all to say that Cruise gave such a campy, foppish, despicable Dorian Gray-esque performance that it made Rice eventually eat her words and issue a formal apology.

About your host:

About your host:

Isabella L. Price is a filmmaker, writer, costume designer, podcast host, burlesque performer, and horror film aficionado who currently runs Seattle’s only paranormal radio show, Nocturnal Emissions, on Hollow Earth Radio 104.9 FM. Price has held panels and presentations focusing on genre film at conventions like Crypticon, Emerald City Comic Con, GeekGirlCon, PAXWest and New York Comic Con.

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