Nocturnal Emissions – Near Dark

Thu Jun 11:

$13 General Admission
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Kathryn Bigelow
1h 34m


There will never be another movie like this. Watching Near Dark feels like being stranded in limbo with the mutant offspring of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Last Picture Show — it’s white-trash venom with a cathartic core on an E.C. comic book playing field. A family of vampire shitkickers terrorize the desert highway in an RV with blacked-out windows. Victims are attacked! Blood is drained! All is well! But then love gets in the way. And the fallout guarantees that things will never be the same again. In addition to all-time-best performances from Jenny Wright, Lance Henriksen, and Bill Paxton, Kathryn Bigelow’s stylized grunge-pop masterpiece features the sexiest vampire feeding scene ever caught on film.” – Joseph A. Ziemba, Drafthouse

The movie shows us an almost ethereally scary Southwestern landscape populated with an assorted of Peckinpah-style peckerwoods, unwitting victims, maniacs and bloodsuckers: vampires bent through a bloody modern prism. But at the center of this carnage is an obsessive romance.

Basically, writer-director Kathryn Bigelow and co-writer Eric Red are telling a love-on-the-run story about a good boy who falls in love with a girl vampire and is pulled into her nightmare world. Bigelow and Red set the story in a landscape that we recognize–mostly from highway jaunts or ‘70s road movies: a lunar-looking desert filled with truck stops, bus stations, motels and flat roads, dry empty-looking towns, cities that seem to have been swallowed up by the night.” – Michael Wilmington, L.A. Times, Oct. 9, 1987

About your host:

About your host:

Isabella L. Price is a filmmaker, writer, costume designer, podcast host, burlesque performer, and horror film aficionado who currently runs Seattle’s only paranormal radio show, Nocturnal Emissions, on Hollow Earth Radio 104.9 FM. Price has held panels and presentations focusing on genre film at conventions like Crypticon, Emerald City Comic Con, GeekGirlCon, PAXWest and New York Comic Con.

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