Arid Lands

Aug 28 - Sep 03, 2009

(Grant Aaker, Josh Wallaert, USA, 2007, DigiBeta, 98 min)

Free for NWFF members on Monday night!

Best Film Winner at the 2008 Local Sightings Film Festival

In the 1940s, the Columbia Basin in Southeastern Washington was the site of plutonium production, an ingredient in the atomic bomb that would devastate Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Today it is a place of conflict and contradiction, as the natural landscape and human population strive to recover from that past. Arid Lands offers an enthralling look into the many clashing opinions and perspectives that have emerged in this complex community. Yakama Indians, farmers, housing developers, environmental activists and radiation scientists all share their thoughts in this revealing documentary about the largest environmental clean up site in the world. Winner, "Best Film" at the 2008 Local Sightings Film Festival.

"Stunning documentary...a provocative, complex portrait of Eastern Washington." —Crosscut Magazine


Watch the trailer:

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