Speaking in Tongues

Sep 20, 2009

(Marcia Jarmel, Ken Schneider, USA, 2009, DigiBeta, 60 min)

Seattle Premiere

Sponsored by UW School of Education and Sponge

Media sponsorship by Seattle's Child

Introduction from the director before 3pm screening
Panel discussion after 3pm screening

Speaking in Tongues takes a refreshing approach to the divisive debate over bilingual education in America. Pursuing the issue on the ground level, the filmmakers follow four children, each receiving a unique language education. Second grader Durrell and high school sophomore Julian are both native English speakers enrolled in immersion Mandarin programs. Middle schoolers Jason and Kelly retain their native tongues while learning English. This insightful documentary mobilizes their stories as an illuminating lens into the increasingly relevant topic of bilingual education in a globalized world.

“Speaks directly to one of the important issues facing our diverse society.” —Laurie Olsen, Executive Director, California Tomorrow

Join us for a panel discussion after the 3pm screening:
Michele Anciaux-Aoki, world languages program supervisor for the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction; Kelly Aramaki, principal at John Stanford International School; Dr. Susie Murphy, principal at Beacon Hill International School; Dr. Kristin Percy Calaff, bilingual education instructor at the University of Washington and teacher at Beacon Hill; and Blythe Young, world language and Spanish immersion curriculum developer for the Bellevue School District and teacher at Bellevue’s Tyee Middle School. The panel will be moderated by Jackie Friedman Mighdoll, founder and president of Sponge, a leader in children's language education.

Panel hosted by Sponge

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