35 Shots of Rum

Nov 06 - Nov 12, 2009

(Claire Denis, France, 2008, 35mm, 107 min)

Seattle Premiere

In this pleasantly captivating and emotionally intelligent film, Claire Denis yet again proves her finesse with dramatic intimacy and expressive vibrancy. The elegantly sketched narrative delves into the evolving relationship between Jo (Mati Diop), a Parisian university student, and her train engineer father, Lionel (Alex Descas). Rather than make her characters easily readable, Denis chooses a more subtle approach by filling in the details ever so discreetly, breathing life and depth into the father-daughter duo while making them tangibly relatable. Other characters are equally complex and intriguing in this riveting study of human relationships.

“Fluid, incisive and quietly devastating.” —Fernando F. Croce, Slant


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