Nov 14, 2009

(Lisandro Alonso, Argentina, 2006, 35mm, 63 min)

Seattle Premiere

Director in Attendance

A rewarding meta-commentary on his first two films, Lisandro Alonso’s Fantasma functions as a meditation on the themes and characters in La Libertad and Los Muertos. Alonso entices the two leading men from his previous films, Misael and Vargas, to leave their secluded rural homes and wander through the San Martin Theatre in Buenos Aires. The men roam through the theatre halls in a way that impresses us with the building’s cultural significance and aesthetic beauty. Unfettered by the restraints of conventional narrative structure and scripted dialog, the pensive film’s striking combination of sounds shape the mood and meaning. Fantasma is an entrancing rumination on cinema, culture and personal creation.

“An opportunity to take in some of the most impressive sound design ever recorded on film….an evocative soundscape of stunning clarity and power.” —Matt Riviera, Last Night With Riviera

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