Rebel Without a Cause with Stewart Stern

Jan 15, 2010

(Nicholas Ray, 1955, USA, 35mm, 111 min)

Introduced by screenwriter Stewart Stern

*Please note updated showtime!

Join us for a special 55th anniversary screening of this classic film, with special introduction by screenwriter Stewart Stern.

James Dean achieved iconic status for his starring turn in Ray's searing study of teenage alienation in mid-century America. As the titular rebel, Dean is all coiled tension and Method-inspired angst, the perfect embodiment of restless, troubled youth. Natalie Wood plays Dean's love interest while Sal Mineo memorably incarnates the film's doomed innocent. Unerringly executed and rich in its symbolic use of color—Dean's red windbreaker sets him apart in any crowd—Rebel Without a Cause is a stylist's rendition of the socially conscious melodrama. This anguished portrait of the American nuclear family has become an enduring emblem of the very decade it sought to question.

Spend an afternoon discussing Rebel with screenwriter Stewart Stern!
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