New Brow

Jan 15 - Jan 17, 2010

(Tanem Davidson, 2009, USA, Beta-SP, 87 min)

Seattle Premiere

Director in attendance opening night! 

Sponsored by Henry Art Gallery

New Brow presents interviews from artists, galleries and collectors who initiated and gave momentum to the New American Art Movement. The revealing footage captures the makeshift studios and gallery spaces where the movement began, and the intensity and passion required to birth a new genre. The film also sheds light on non-traditional influences that are often overlooked and under appreciated. These “low brow” references encompass everything from underground comix, Kustum Kulture, graffiti and tattoo to skate and surf culture, punk art and others amidst Californian sub-cultures.

Featuring interviews and contributions from Seattle residents Marlow Harris, Kirsten Anderson, Charles Krafft and Larry Reid.


Watch the Trailer: 


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