Gogol Bordello: Non-Stop

Jan 18 - Jan 21, 2010

(Margarita Jimeno, USA, 2008, 87 min)

Seattle Premiere 

Sponsored by the Vera Project

Non-Stop is a behind-the-scenes look at the gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello and their charismatic front man Eugene Hütz. From New York City's sensational Russo-disco scene to a touring marathon with his band Gogol Bordello, Hütz takes us deep into his artistic life and influences. After years spent in various European refugee camps, Hütz made his reputation in the U.S. as a DJ at New York's hipster clubs. But he had bigger plans. Recruiting musicians from five countries, he formed Gogol Bordello, a mash-up of the name of a 19th-century Ukrainian author and the place where erotic pleasure and vulgarity are celebrated. The film, shot over five wild years, follows the hugely entertaining Hütz and the members of his band as they tell their stories, share their music and progress from underground legend to international phenomenon. 


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