Jose Bold presents: Mountain (Film+Music)

Dec 05, 2009

(Jose Bold, 2009, USA. 60mins)

 Jose Bold (John Osebold) returns at the end of 2009 with a new December album and film-laden concert. 

In 2004, Jose Bold created a CD of homemade music in December and gave copies to friends and audience members. This began an annual ritual that is the December Album. The album contained songs and instrumentals, lots of voicemails and inside jokes incorporated musically, zombies, paper dolls, Australia, and a phone call from jail. Each successive year has seen improvements to the December Albums with regards to sound quality, availability of the album, and the music itself. The 2006 album began another annual ritual in the form of an accompanying live show specifically tailored to that year’s music. The The 2007 and 2008 albums were made free for listening and downloading at 

With the spirit of the snowman as his guide, the 2009 album promises to be Jose Bold’s most sonically adventurous effort to date. We know this because he’s cheating this year and starting early. The live show in accompaniment to the 2009 album will feature John Osebold, longtime collaborator Kirk Anderson, unusual and dreamlike filmic elements, and special guests. 


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