Warsaw Bridge

Mar 28 - Apr 01, 2010

(Pere Portabella, Spain, 1990, 35mm, 85 min)

20th Anniversary

New 35mm Print
Monday 7pm show free for members!

A thoroughly engrossing collage of images and surreal sequences woven together by only a loose plot, Warsaw Bridge is one of intermittent filmmaker Pere Portabella’s (Silence Before Bach) masterpieces. Ostensibly about the entanglements of a writer, an orchestra conductor and a professor, the film is more an ode to its medium than an attempt at traditional storytelling. Thick with Buñuelian surrealism, Portabella’s work decades ago as director of Viridiana leaves its mark on Warsaw Bridge, but over the years he has also developed highly original elements in his style. 
 “Overwhelming and exhausting but always transfixing.” —Time Out New York

“The exquisite images, the superbly rendered music, the bravura style, this bold narrative, the great performances, the perfection of the totality of this unique and vibrant wonderland of a film—How to get it seen in America?” —Jonathan Demme 

Northwest Film Forum members, please join us for a free screening and post-film discussion on Monday, March 29 at 7pm.  
Discussion will be held after the movie in our workshop room, and will be hosted by film professor and critic Dennis West. 

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