The Man From London

Apr 05 - Apr 08, 2010

(Béla Tarr, Ágnes Hranitzky, France/Germany/Hungary, 2007, 35mm, 132 min)

Hungarian auteur Béla Tarr’s latest film features an international all-star cast, including (most recognizable to American audiences) Tilda Swinton. Based on the 1934 French language thriller L'Homme de Londres, Tarr tells the story of an impoverished railway switchman who, after witnessing and interrupting a crime, discovers a suitcase of English banknotes. In this lush noir, cinematographer Fred Keleman’s camera travels painstakingly through the film, creating something that some might call slow, but will entrance others with its construction of a three-dimensional, palpable sense of space. 

"Feels like no other film that you've seen before. It's cerebral and lugubrious, yet simple as a fairy tale." —Slate
“If you read Simenon's book last thing at night, then this might be the dream you would have after turning out the light.” —The Guardian 

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