Bass Ackwards

Jun 12 - Jun 17, 2010

(Linas Phillips, USA, 2010, DigiBeta, 103 min)

This is not just another Great American Road Trip movie. And it's not an intense journey for self-discovery, or a grand tour to reveal the true soul of America. Though there are plenty of back roads and rolling landscapes, odd locals, cheap motel rooms, dive bars and the lonely and loony, this is a travelogue like you've not seen before. It's the type of film we’ve come to love and expect from Seattle’s Linas Phillips. 
Rejected by his girlfriend and given the boot from his friend's couch, Linas (a fictional version played by Phillips) is working as a pooper-scooper and llama feeder and sleeping on the floor at work. When given an odd-looking 1976 VW bus, he sets out across the country. Bass Ackwards premiered at this year's Sundance, and we’re now pleased to give it the theatrical homecoming it deserves. 
Screens with 
Fire Fire I Heard The Cry (Drew Christie, USA, 2 min) 
An animated documentary about the great Seattle fire. 


Watch the Bass Ackwards trailer:



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