Calamari Union

Jul 16 - Jul 17, 2010

(Richard Lefebvre, USA, 2009, Beta-SP, 84 min)

Richard Lefebvre’s re-make of Aki Kaurismaki’s Calamari Union, an ultra-hip absurdist comedy that brought Kaurismäki’s trademark blend of deadpan humor, idiosyncratic irony, mannered minimalism and compelling humanism to the fore, is screened here as a work in progress.

Seventeen men named Frank walk from Georgetown to Ballard in hope of finding a better life. Most of them die on the way. Lefebvre has recruited a volunteer motley crew of Northwest musicians and icons for various roles, including A-Holes guitarist Otis P. Otis, Mudhoney’s Mark Arm, Himsa guitarist Sammi Curr, celebrity street urchin Slats, promoter/Beltholes’ drummer Kwab Copeland, Caustic Resin front man Brett Netson, Spits leader Sean Spits and Makers’ mastermind Mike Maker. 


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