Killing Kasztner

Jul 16 - Jul 22, 2010

(Gaylen Ross, USA, 2008, DVCAM, 120 min)

Director in attendance opening weekend!
*Please note updated show times

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One of the most provocative and acclaimed documentaries in recent memory, this is the shocking tale of Rudolf Kasztner, the Jewish-Hungarian journalist and lawyer who single-handedly negotiated with Eichmann to save 1,600 Hungarian Jews in 1944. But twelve years later, having been accused in an Israeli courtroom of selling his soul to the devil, he was assassinated in broad daylight. Killing Kasztner is a deep investigation into the thorny definition of heroism, the intricacies of Israeli politics and the complexities of Jewish identity.
Winner, Audience Award, Boston Jewish Film Festival. 

"[One of the] ten best films of the year.... A fascinating look at a mostly forgotten page of Israeli history." —Jerusalem Post 

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