Recollections of the Yellow House

Jul 30, 2010

(João César Monteiro, Portugal, 1989, 35mm, 122 min)

Free screening & post-film discussion for Film Forum members! 

João de Deus is a destitute man living in a cheap boarding house for families in an old section of Lisbon in 1989. He is sick and stricken by every possible adversity. His only relief is his fervid love of films. His life is further complicated when he tries to seduce the daughter of his landlord and is kicked out. Alone, deprived of any resources, he is confronted by the harshness of the city and ends up interned in an asylum. Here he meets a mentally ill man, who gives him a ‘rich and strange’ mission to reenter society and "Go and make them sweat!” With clever antics and great comedy, he does just that. 

"More than a storyline, what runs between House and its “sequels” is a mood and style: Microscopic gags, epic runtimes, erratic plots, perfectly snipped-off long takes, and dreamy sensuality" —Village Voice

Free for Film Forum members!
7pm screening followed by a discussion with program director Adam Sekuler


Watch the trailer (Not subtitled): 


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