En Attendant Godard

Aug 12, 2010

(William Brown, UK, 2009, DigiBeta, 95 min)

US Premiere!

Director William Brown pays tribute to (and corrects) his master Jean Luc Godard in this debut feature film, made with an impressive zero budget. With numerous references to the New Wave icon's body of work, Brown has created a story about the loners Alex and Annie, who set out to find Godard, and suddenly have a double homicide and a ménage à trois on their conscience. 

En Attendant Godard is a funny homage to a filmmaking genius and revolutionary; it also is a witty example of how to use film as film criticism, without being hyper-intellectual. "All you need is a girl and a gun," Godard famously said about making films. En Attendant suggests that all you really need is a girl and Godard.  

Notes adapted from CPH:PIX

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