The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle

Aug 13 - Aug 19, 2010

(David Russo, USA, 2009, DigiBeta, 100 min)

Director David Russo expected to attend all screenings!

David Russo’s witty and imaginative film debut (produced with the help of the Film Forum's Start-To-Finish program) explores key issues of today, including corporate malfeasance, the search for religion and, of course, male pregnancy.

Dizzle’s protagonist is Dory (Marshall Allman), a "data-meister" who processes useless information as he looks for life’s meaning. After getting fired, he joins the ranks of Spiffy Jiffy, a ragtag bunch of stoner janitors led by O.C. (Vince Vieluf), who dreams of attending art school. In the offices within Spiffy Jiffy’s purview is a market research firm, in the process of testing a batch of self-heating “oven fresh” cookies. Dory and his fellow sweepers sample the product, become addicted and are soon experiencing some comical but worrisome side effects. When these include giving birth to "semi-animate" beings, Russo’s film takes on a hugely entertaining hilarity and weight that is simultaneously odd, puzzling, invigorating and truly hilarious.

As overheard on a bus at the Sundance Film Festival, "You have to see this!" 

Featuring the music of "Awesome" and the animation of Russo and Dutch animator Rosto.

"The most imaginative, disturbing, hilarious, and transcendent  underground movie since Eraserhead." —Seattle Post Globe

"With its freak-out visuals and eclectic musical score, [Dizzle] has 'cult movie' written all over it." —Seattle Times

"This imaginative debut feature from the Seattle artist and filmmaker David Russo finds meaning in cleaning and life in dead ends." —NY Times

"Little Dizzle is a triumph, and exactly the kind of film Sundance was created to discover and promote." —Paste Magazine

"Moves in an entirely unique direction. I love it, in all its sick, twisted glory." —Combustible Celluloid



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