Looking For Eric

Aug 27 - Sep 02, 2010

(Ken Loach, UK, 2009, 116 min)

Cannes crowd-pleaser Looking for Eric is a tender, life-affirming, and hilarious nod to the possibility of second chances. When down-and-out postal worker Eric Bishop (Steve Evets) reaches the end of his rope—his two layabout stepsons are set on driving him to an early grave, his second marriage is in ruins, and that's just the start of his troubles±he finds some unexpected motivation to turn his life around and win back the love of his life from none other than his idol, the legendary footballer Eric Cantona of Manchester United.

"Genuinely Hilarious... Gentle and sweet and often very funny. The clarity of Loach's view of the world, and his absolute mastery of cinematic storytelling, endows films with an authoritative feeling of solidity and coherence." —A. O. Scott, The New York Times

"Irresistible! Capable of lifting even the stoniest of hearts." —Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald

"Absolute Joy. An undeniable crowd-pleaser." -Stephen Garrett, Time Out New York

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