Miguel Gomes Shorts

Sep 16, 2010

(Miguel Gomes/1999-2006)

Seattle Premiere

(1999, 25 minutes, video)
With their parents and teachers gone, a girl and two boys pass some time together, coming into the grips of a romantic tension that remains unexpressed because of their inability to communicate.
Christmas Inventory
(2000, 23 minutes, video)
“When I was twelve I dreamt that I was putting in motion the static pictures of the crèche. With this film I tried to do the same with the memories of my cousins and relatives, with that house and with those rituals. It’s a fake documentary and a fake animation film, a semi-fiction about children who go to war, play music, and take over.” —Miguel Gomes
(2001, 27 minutes, video)
“This is the way you hold the racket to play a forehand. Just move your arm back, the left shoulder facing the ball, step forward with your left foot, hitting the ball." —Miguel Gomes
Pre Evolution Soccer’s One-Minute Dance After A Golden Goal In The Master League
(2004, 1 minute, video)
A playful variation on the well-known Playstation soccer computer game. 
Canticle Of All Creatures
(2006, 23 minutes, video)
A mystical revisitation of the story of St. Francis of Assisi.

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