Enemies of the People

Jan 21 - Jan 27, 2011

(Rob Lemkin & Thet Sambath, 2010, UK/Cambodia, 35mm, 94 min)

Seattle Premiere!
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One of the most harrowing and compelling personal documentaries of our time, Enemies of The People exposes for the first time the truth about the Killing Fields and the Khmer Rouge who were behind Cambodia’s genocide. But more than simply an inquiry into Cambodia’s experience, Enemies of The People is a profound meditation on the nature of good and evil, shedding light on the capacity of some people to do terrible things, and for others to forgive them.

Winner of a dozen top documentary festival awards, including a Special Jury Prize at Sundance and the Grand Jury Award at the Full Frame Documentary Festival, this is investigative journalism of the highest order.

“Stunning. Inspiring. A testament to one man’s persistent search for the truth.” —Stephen Holden, New York Times

"Four stars - A film that everybody should watch." —NW Asian Weekly

"An extraordinary historical testimonial...a Cambodian Shoah" —Seattle Weekly



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