We Don't Care About Music Anyway

Feb 07 - Feb 08, 2011

(Cedric Dupire & Gaspard Kuentz, France/Japan, 2010, DigiBeta, 80 min)

Seattle Premiere!

*Please note updated showtimes

This sonic portrait shows us a group of experimental musicians who wire themselves for sound, treat familiar instruments like cheap playthings, get lost in technology and embrace every hiss, pop, thud, buzz and drone. Set in the darkness of Tokyo’s wastelands, this beautifully photographed documentary is a picture of Tokyo we rarely see.

“To compose is to remember things that have entered us. Memories travel through our minds and bodies. When you hear a sound of any nature, I think that you remember it more than you hear it. When you recall more than one thing at a time, something new is created.” —Sakamoto Hiromichi (the cellist)




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