Four Boxes

Dec 09, 2010

(Wyatt McDill, USA, 2010, DigiBeta, 85 min)

Director in attendance!

Four Boxes is a $40,000 shoestring thriller that's been described as "Rear Window on the Internet.”

Written, produced and directed by Minneapolis filmmaking husband-and-wife team Wyatt McDill and Megan Huber (and starring Justin Kirk of Showtime’s “Weeds”), Four Boxes had its World Premiere at the 2009 South-by-Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas, before going on to play SIFF, 2009. The film, which began as a straight-to-video title, has caught on on the web, due to several twists within the story, and its genre-bending use of various websites to tell its story. The early response of viewers to “Four Boxes” prompted New York-based Range Life Entertainment to pick up the film for a trial theatrical release.

Trevor Grainger (played by Kirk), Amber Croft (played by Terryn Westbrook, Inland Empire) and Rob Rankrus (Sam Rosen - Revolutionary Road, The Oranges) run Go-Time Liquidators – an ambulance-chasing eBay auction business. In a dead man’s destroyed suburban house they start watching a bookmarked surveillance-cam website showing sinister – potentially deadly - footage from an actual website: The film has been variously described by critics and programmers as The Blair Witch Project meets YouTube,” and “The sex, lies and videotape of our time.” 

Featuring a soundtrack with music by Caribou, Mice Parade and The Album Leaf.

“More thrillers like this one please.” —Chris Gore, Film Threat

Watch the trailer:


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