The 20/20 Awards: The Flaws & Failures of Year One

Jan 15, 2011

Presented by Korby Sears

The 20/20 Awards started with a simple mission: a live, annual event where we go back 20 years, re-voting on the Academy Awards with 20 year of hindsight, using the clarifying element of Time and Perspective to sort out what cinematic art continues to be relevant and resonate.
The 1st Annual 20/20 Award took place on March 15, 2010 in Seattle, “correcting” the 1990 Academy Awards, and using the insight and vision of such luminaries as Sherman Alexie, Mark Handley, Lynn Shelton and others. While the event was a success, several contradictions, inaccuracies, and strange time-space relations occurred. In anticipation of the upcoming 2nd Annual 20/20 Awards that takes place on March 8th, 20/20s Artistic Director Korby Sears will present a presentation at NWFF on Saturday, January 15th entitled “The 20/20 Awards: The Flaws and Failures of Year One”, where much of the intellectual curiosities and unexpected U-turns that occurred behind the scenes will be discussed and dissected, in an attempt to further refine and chisel the entity so that it may achieve it’s primary goal: to become a nationally recognized Seattle-based film-event within 5 years.
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