Queen of The Sun

Mar 04 - Mar 21, 2011

(Taggart Siegel, USA, 2010, 82 min)

Additional screenings added on Monday, March 21!

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When documentary filmmaker Taggart Siegel released his debut feature The Real Dirt on Farmer John, he knew he was onto something special. A new wave of local environmental concern since that film's release has become nearly commonplace in Seattle. Queen Of the Sun, like Farmer John, provides a profound, alternative examination of the tragic global bee crisis, known as Colony Collapse Disorder. Featuring Michael Pollan, Gunther Hauk, and Vandana Shiva, Queen of the Sun reveals both the problems and the solutions in reforming a culture to be in balance with nature.

"3 1/2 stars: An uplifting call to action to solve a potentially disastrous problem. Siegel is a solution-savvy filmmaker who favors hope over gloom." —Seattle Times

"A fascinating, emotional look at industrial agriculture and its toll on Mother Nature." —Seattlest


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