Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune

Mar 11 - Mar 22, 2011

(Kenneth Bowser, USA, 2010, DigiBeta, 96 min)

Additional screenings added on Tuesday, March 22!

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Much like his contemporaries Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, Phil Ochs is emblematic of America in the 60s. More than just a folk singer, Ochs helped to infuse popular music with a political perspective, rallying the like-minded and challenging the status quo. He sang in the famous Greenwich Village cafes, in front of massive rallies and in world famous concert venues.

Kenneth Bowser’s insightful and ultimately tragic film, Phil Ochs: There But for Fortune explores the motives and goals that drove Phil Ochs to chase after fame. Bowser also reveals the personal struggles that in the end proved overpowering.

With the voices of his family and many of the well-known musicians who considered themselves fans of Phil Ochs, Bowser creates a vivid and compelling portrait of an icon of the 60s whose life was cut tragically short.

"Ochs is finally the star of his own movie and the supporting cast, which includes Ed Sanders, Van Dyke Parks, Joan Baez, Judy Henske, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Paul Krassner, Dave Van Ronk, Pete Seeger, and Peter Yarrow, is flawless. Director Ken Bowser has given Ochs a  proper memorial that resonates with the power and glory of a man who is  the blood and bones of  American heroism." —Seattle Post Globe

"An illuminating odyssey that may convince you that many of your preconceptions of what the world should be are based in shame, fear, and the fists of others. Step out of time with this movie and claim this spirit of change as your own as well." —Chris Estey, KEXP blog

Special performance by Eric Apoe, The Gloria Darlings, Tommy Dean, and Gary Kanter after the 9:15 show on Friday.

Read a conversation with Sonny Och's, Phil's sister, on Hot Splice (NWFF's blog)


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