Empty Quarter

Apr 08 - Apr 14, 2011

(Alain LeTourneau, Pam Minty, USA, 2011, 16mm, 70 min)

Seattle Premiere! 
Directors In Attendance Saturday

In this era of divided politics, defined by the growing disconnect between urban and rural communities, Alain LeTourneau and Pam Minty’s Empty Quarter is a welcome respite. The vast region covered in their film, Lake, Harney and Malheur Counties in Oregon, is an area that represents roughly one-third of Oregon’s landmass, yet holds less than two percent of the state’s population. Through a series of stationary shots, recording open landscapes and activities of local residents, Empty Quarter reflects on the character of the region. Natural areas are viewed among images of industry, various labor processes, resource management and recreation. Voices of local residents describe the history of pioneer settlement, the social life of rural communities and the struggles of small town economies. 

"In their unconventional documentary “Empty Quarter,” Portland filmmakers Pam Minty and Alain LeTourneau expertly convey a much more complex, nuanced impression of an area that is as crucial to Oregon’s resources and character as anywhere else." —The Oregonian

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