Apr 04, 2011

(Clarence G. Badger, 1927, USA, 35mm, 72 min)

The 1927 masterpiece It stars Clara Bow as Betty Lou Spence, a poor sales girl at a large department store. In this straight-forward Cinderella-esque story, Betty sets her sights on winning the love of the rich owner’s son, Cyrus Walthm Jr. (Antonio Moreno). Her smoldering glances grab the attention of Cyrus and she convinces him to take her on a date. Betty introduces him to the proletarian pleasures of live, taking him to early day Coney Island for rollercoasters, hot dogs and a grand old time. Then, drama strikes with lies, assumptions, wedding proposals, and near-death-experiences. Will love conquer early New York social class barriers, or will both leave heartbroken?  

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