Fine Totally Fine: A Fundraiser for Japanese Tsunami Relief

Apr 02, 2011

(Yosuke Fujita, 2007, DVD, 110 min)

All proceeds will benefit the Japanese relief effort

Co-presented by Brown Paper Tickets

When we at Brown Paper Tickets and Northwest Film Forum heard the news about the disasters impacting Japan, we were not satisfied to sit idly by and act as passive witness to tragedies unfolding on our screens. Our brothers and sisters in Japan need our help. We can do something. You can do something. Small acts can create huge positive impact. Even an ocean away from Japan, we can pool our energy, resources and love to make a difference in the lives of those affected by these recent catastrophes. Simply by attending a great movie in Seattle, you can help the relief efforts in Japan.   
Brown Paper Tickets and Northwest Film Forum present the Seattle Premiere of Yosuke Fujita's comedy Fine Totally Fine with 100% of the proceeds going to the Support Japan - GAMBARE relief fund set up by Pictures Dept. president Yuko Shiomkaki. Donations to this fund will be distributed by Japanese aid organization JustGiving and go to help those fighting to put their lives back together.

Director Fujita has made a truly feel good indie comedy with his story of Teruo (Yosi Arakawa), a tree trimmer whose mission in life is to make the scariest haunted house experience in Japan. He enlists the help of his  best friend Hisanobu (Yoshinori Okada), a hospital administrator, in his bone-chilling plans, but Hisanobu is starting to doubt if two guys heading into their 30′s should really be spending their time trying to scare the life out of people. The lives of these two friends takes a  turn when accident prone artist Akari (Yoshino Kimura) comes to work at Hisanobu’s hospital. Can wanting to terrify people, growing up and falling in love co-exist in these two slackers’ lives?
"Recalls the deadpan wit of Aki Kaurismaki or the quirky charm of a Jim Jarmusch film" —Daily Express
“Yosuke Fujita's film is likely to create broad smiles and occasional belly laughs” —Variety


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