I am Secretly an Important Man

May 20, 2011

(Peter Sillen, Seattle, 2010, DigiBeta, 85 min)

After a hugely successful run of Peter Sillen's Jesse Bernstein documentary last fall, we've decided to screen the film one more time prior to the DVD release!

Join us for this essential portrait of the "Godfather of Grunge," a man who undulates like a spoken-word performance. Known in the Seattle art and music scene as one of the most influential voices of the late twentieth century, Bernstein was a poet and performance artist who recorded with Sub Pop Records and inspired Kurt Cobain, Oliver Stone and many other writers, filmmakers and grunge and punk musicians.

Bernstein performed stories and songs about society’s fringes—angry, tender and sometimes corrosively humorous portraits of drifters, junkies and ex-cons. His mentor, William Burroughs, said of his writing, “The work is deeply felt…Bernstein has been there and brought it back. Bernstein is a writer.”

This is your last chance to catch this one on the big screen!

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