Barbara Ireland DVD Release Party

Jun 01, 2011

Sponsored by Easy Street Records

Seattle singer Barbara Ireland’s first career was as an award-winning film director, with films that have often been compared to David Lynch and Federico Fellini. We are happy to announce that she is releasing a DVD collection of her strangest and most mesmerizing short films—and the Film Forum is hosting the release party! Have you ever wondered what the famous Twin Peaks and Carnivale dwarf, Michael Anderson, was doing before his big television break? Come watch Ireland’s film Secrets to find out! Other cast members in Ireland’s films include local celebs such as Gordon Raphael (producer of The Strokes), Paula the Swedish Housewife (Burlesque show producer extraordinaire), Sky Cries Mary, Upchuck and pre-grunge punk rockers. The evening will begin with a wine and cheese reception and, true to form, Ireland says she has other "secret plans" to make this an event you won’t want to miss!


“Barbara Ireland is to short films what Stanley Kubrick and Roman Polanski are to the cinema...except without the Ritalin!” ­—Robert Williams, Juxtapoz Magazine


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