The Big Uneasy

Jul 08 - Jul 14, 2011

(Harry Shearer, 2010, USA, DigiBeta, 98 min)

Director Harry Shearer in Attendance Opening Night!
Seattle Premiere!

Natural disasters have a way of repeating themselves. Such is the case with the recent tsunami in Japan, and it could be the case for New Orleans, which almost five years ago was struck by Hurricane Katrina. In his feature–length documentary, comedian and New Orleans resident Harry Shearer gets the inside story of a disaster that could have been prevented. Shearer speaks to investigators and whistle–blowers, revealing that some of the same flawed methods responsible for the levee failure during Katrina are being used to rebuild the system to protect from future peril.

Listen to Harry Shearer's interview on KUOW.

“An indispensable part of any history of New Orleans before, during and after Katrina.” —New York Times

Special support provided by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.



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