3:10 to Yuma

Jul 06, 2011

(Delmer Daves, 1957, USA, 35mm, 92 min)

Join Northwest Film Forum in welcoming Peter Ford, son of the great hollywood actor Glenn Ford, who introduces a screening of a new 35mm print of his father's 1957 classic Western 3:10 To Yuma. Immediately afterword, there will be a sale and signing of Peter Ford's biography of his father Glenn Ford: A Life, in the lobby of the theater. The second of Delmer Daves' films with Glenn Ford, following the Othello-based Western Jubal (1956), 3:10 to Yuma is one of the great Westerns of all time. Ford plays the villain Ben Wade, a wanted outlaw who is captured has to be escorted through the wilderness by a small group of men. Wade tries to take small-time rancher Dan Evans (played by Van Heflin) into his confidence with a sweat-inducing cat-and-mouse game between captive and captor, interrupted with bursts of violence from both Ford's gang (commandeered by Richard Jaeckel) and the vacillating townsfolk.

“A classic Western scenario... Ford [works] on Heflin’s nerves in a stream of Machiavellian banter, but one held in perfect balance by Daves, who keeps the tension strung taut (especially in the gauntlet-running final walk to the station) while at the same time elaborating a subtle psychological conflict. The nerve center is exposed in an early scene where Heflin, the dour family man careworn by responsibilities, watches as his wife and sons come under the spell of Ford’s carefree charm: the conflict, ultimately, stems from each man’s envy of what the other has.” – Tom Milne, Time Out (London)

Glenn Ford: A Life, offers an intimate view of a star’s private and public life. Included are exclusive interviews with family, friends, and professional associates, and snippets from the Ford family collection of diaries, letters, audiotapes, unpublished interviews, and rare candid photos. This biography tells a cautionary tale of Glenn Ford’s relentless infidelities and long, slow fade-out, but it also embraces his talent-driven career. The result is an authentic Hollywood story that isn’t afraid to reveal the truth.

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