Curry + Dillon: Interview Me

Sep 15 - Sep 17, 2011

Support for this program provided by 4Culture and The Mayors Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs.

Interview Me integrates public installation, multi-media performance, and interactive movement theatre to explore the ways in which interviews function in our society.  Curry + Dillon exploit the drama and architecture of “the interview” in a highly interactive evening where the audience plays a significant role in the experience.  Drawing from historical references and contemporary social media, Interview Me forces an up-close investigation of America’s love affair, and contemporary culture’s fascination, with the interview.   Curry + Dillon are Seattle/New York artists who explore recurring themes of reality versus fiction through interactive events. They have presented multi-disciplinary interactive performances in theaters, galleries and installed themselves in retail windows, hotel rooms, and other public spaces in their ongoing experimentation with communication-based, endurance performance. Visit to read more.

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