Public Speaking

Nov 04 - Nov 10, 2011

(Martin Scorsese, 2011, USA, DigiBeta, 82min)

Seattle Premiere!

Sponsored by AJC Seattle Jewish Film Festival 

Public Speaking is Martin Scorsese’s “enormously enjoyable” (New York Times) portrait of literary phenomenon and unparalleled raconteur Fran Lebowitz, who offers her wise, brilliant and hilarious opinions on absolutely everything as she holds forth from a cozy booth in New York’s legendary Waverly Inn. Public Speaking is the best and most satisfying movie of its kind since My Dinner With André, but is all the more remarkable since Fran’s inimitable, timely, utterly opinionated insights are completely spontaneous and unscripted. Public Speaking is, as The Washington Post so aptly put it, “an absorbing rumination on being smart, and a resplendent paean to New York-centric intelligence.

"4 1/2 stars: An ode to the art of conversation, and it's a delight." —Seattle Times

"Confirms [Lebowitz's] stature as one of the greatest talkers in the world." —The Stranger

"SW Pick: [Lebowitz] remains a sharp observer, holding forth on racism, sexism, tourism, and, most pungently, elitism." —Seattle Weekly

“Funny, insightful, extraordinary. Don’t miss it!” —Time Out New York


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