Nov 11 - Nov 17, 2011

(Denis Côté, 2010, Canada, 35mm, 96 min)

Seattle Premiere!

Saturday 7pm show free for members; preceded by a members-only reception with the director at 5:30pm

Côté takes a more conventional turn in Curling than in his previous films, going through three producers and several script drafts to come up with a film that he, himself, describes as “more mature.” Several aspects are still classic Côté: the focus on setting, the stark realism, and the sense of dread that builds throughout this subdued thriller. Emmanuel Bilodeau and his real-life daughter star as a secretive handyman and his 12 year-old daughter, whose only relief from her father’s protective instinct comes in exploring the woods near where they live. What she finds there becomes the driving force behind this quietly intense drama about what lurks beneath the surface of Quebecois serenity. 

"SW Pick: Canadian director Denis Côté has an interest in individuals with "one foot outside of society," he says, as is evident in the new Curling, a crisp portrait of a solitary Québécois man and his cloistered preteen daughter." —Seattle Weekly

“Darkly comic and moving, it might be the most accessible thing Côté has done.”—Brendan Kelly, The Montreal Gazette



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