Nov 15 - Nov 16, 2008

This is a year of unparalleled creativity for Spanish short filmmakers. In a cloud of turmoil and hallucinatory imagination, these directors present their wildest hopes and dreams in different forms, from experimental plays to shouts of happiness. Free from any convention, this year’s artists have undressed their souls and minds. Come enjoy the journey!

LIBRA (4 min) Carlota Coronado
Carlota reports strongly about everyday issues creating a high impact in this very short film. This is a very short film with a great impact Two weeks. That's what Librao's main character asks for.

SAIDA'S JOURNEY (12 min.) Coke Riobao
Said, a Moroccan boy crosses The Straights. On the other side, in the land of opportunity, he discovers the world. This film was nominated to the Goyao Awards as Best Short Animation.

SUMMER OR THE FLAWS OF ANDRAS - (22 min.) Jorge Torregrosa
It is Summer and it is hot. Andres and Sara have known each other for a short time. Felix and Silvia have been together for five years. The two couples spend a summer day around a swimming pool. As always in Torregrosa's astonishing work, human nature is one more character and his unique look makes us wonder about our own condition.

THE HAPPY MAN (14 min.) Lucina Gil
Gil's keen eye responds to this daring and good humores question: Does the Happy Man Exist?

MACHINE (16 min.) Gabe Ibaatez
Through pain and confusion a girl discovers his new nature, finding the way to achieve the lost harmony.

TRAUMATOLOGY (22 min.) Daniel Sa¡nchez Aragvalo
Helmer Daniel Sainchez Aragvalo gives us once again an assured and captivating tragicomedy. Today is a great day. Antonio is getting married. But an unexpected event force all the family to spend the wedding night at the hospital.

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