Luminous Earth: The Films of Robbie Land

Dec 01, 2011

Co-presented by Third Eye Cinema

Robbie Land’s 16mm films provide a personal vision of the southeast United States, re-imagining our familiar surroundings, both natural and man-made. His unusual methods include pasting plant life and other items directly on to the filmstrip to painstakingly create vibrant, colorful and haunting imagery. Program includes: Precipice—An unconventional dance film that achieves a pointillist study of motion; Old Florida Salt Marsh—Combining video footage cut, glued and taped directly to the celluloid; Micanopy Winter Wonderland—Featuring an antique jukebox converted into a diorama; Betty Creek—A portrait of the plant life located in the Appalachian Mountains; Bioluminescence—Uses direct application, time-exposure and micro-cinematography to magnify the beauty of nighttime phenomenon.

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