Nov 15 - Nov 16, 2008

(Rafa Cort├ęs, Spain, 2007, 35mm, 100 min)

Named “Revelation of the Year” by FIPRESCI, the international association of film critics at Cannes 2007, Me is the story of a man who, suspecting he is to be accused of something he hasn’t done, sets out to prove an innocence that nobody yet questions.  Every attempt to correct this mistake leads him closer to the real problem: himself. Set on Majorca island, the atmosphere is supported by strange characters, suspicious looks, and a surreally nightmarish climate. They begin to build into an unsettling and meticulously crafted drama. Rafa Cortés’ burgeoning talent is undeniable, creating a palpable atmosphere with the help of Alex Brendemühl’s (who co-wrote the film) brilliant performance. 
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