Silver Bullets

Jan 10, 2012

(Joe Swanberg, 2011, USA, Blu-ray, 70 min)

Director Joe Swanberg stars as a struggling filmmaker in Silver Bullets, a meta-film that took him nearly two and a half years to create. Loosely based around the creation of a werewolf flick, Swanberg’s film-without-a-script comes out fully formed. Silver Bullets addresses previous criticism of Swanberg’s work and his personal struggle as an artist. The improvised dialogue, the bold score by Orange Mighty Trio and the mixture of HD and super-8 footage cause Silver Bullets to erupt beyond Swanberg’s reputation as a realist filmmaker and into a new realm of innovation.


“…Swanberg is in the midst of an extraordinary surge of artistic creation and invention; the work that he’s putting out is powerful and modern, but it’s modern in classic ways, ways that should register even with those who have (unfairly) little patience for the look and feel of ultra-low-budget filmmaking.” Richard Brody. The New Yorker

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