How The Fire Fell

Jan 27 - Feb 02, 2012

(Edward P. Davee, 2011, USA, Blu-ray, 81 min)

Winner of our Local Sightings Film Festival, How the Fire Fell imagines Corvallis, Oregon in 1903. Edmund Creffield set out to teach the true word of God to those who would listen, and in doing so gave birth to a religious cult. Poignant and beautiful, How the Fire Fell evokes the brilliance of Bergman, Malick and Tarkovsky. The audience bears witness to the events as if a cult member, watching and observing the three-year reign of the Brides of Christ sect. Like a faded memory, How The Fire Fell takes you through a moment of time in a haze of mystery and wonder.

Screens With 
Howard from Ohio
(SJ Chiro, 2011, USA, Beta-SP, 8 min) Adapted from Keri Healey’s Frank Story, about a woman and her encounter with a man she meets online, Howard From Ohio was this years Local Sightings short film winner. 


"A breath of fresh air...a film that can suck in the viewer." —IndieWire

"Haunting...Cinematographer Scott Ballard's gorgeous, silvery images, the compressed energy of Davee's framing and a remarkable cast make this a unique experience." ‚—Seattle Times


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