Adventures in Plymptoons!

Mar 16 - Mar 22, 2012

(Alexia Anastasio, 2011, USA, DigiBeta, 85 min)

Seattle Premiere!
Director In Attendance Through March 20th!

Alexia Anastasio, who’s been making films since she was 11, trains her lens on Bill Plympton, the Oscar-nominated animator (for Your Face) whose frantically hilarious cartoons have been busting guts for over 40 years. Anastasio follows Plympton to various festivals and conventions, and along the way interviews such high-profile Plympton fans as Terry Gilliam, Keith Carradine and Weird Al Yankovic. By liberally larding the documentary bits of her film with excerpts from Plympton’s own work, Anastasio keeps the entertainment level high in this engaging documentary.


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