Visions in Motion: A Memorial Retrospective, 1954-2000

Apr 18, 2012

(Robert Breer, Various years, 16mm, 96 min)

Co-presented by The Sprocket Society 

The son of an inventor, Robert Breer (Sept. 30, 1926–Aug. 13, 2011) studied engineering at Stanford but soon devoted his life to the visual arts.  As a painter, sculptor and pioneering experimental filmmaker, he achieved international acclaim as one of the finest of his generation. His film techniques combined line animation, stop-motion, rotoscoping, home movies and single-frame editing, often with audio collage.  This special program features 16 of Breer’s short films, spanning his entire career and including award-winning and rarely-shown gems like A Miracle (1954), Jamestown Baloos (1957), Fuji (1973), Rubber Cement (1975), Bang! (1986) and ATOZ (2000).


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