Whores' Glory

Apr 27 - May 03, 2012

(Michael Glawogger, Austria, 2011, 35mm/Digital, 110 min)

In 2011, Michael Glawogger completed his trilogy of Globalization Documentaries. The third installment zeroes in on prostitution on three fronts—religion, state, and language—in countries where each variable is different. In the City of Joy in Bangladesh, prostitutes see their services as the only thing keeping men from attacking women in the streets. Sex workers in Thailand hope to supplement their work—viewed as just another industry—with second jobs. And in a city tellingly close to the U.S. border, where the film finally crosses the innermost threshold of the sex industry, Mexican women form a cult around a merciful goddess of death. But anyone who has seen Megacities or Workingman’s Death will recognize the “signature” of Glawogger’s documentary camera: as it invades, it transforms, and startles the audience with scenes of surprising beauty.

"fearless...demystifies trick-turning with a bluntness and artistry that's sure to make even the most jaded among us choke on our next sitcom-hooker-joke" –Seattle Weekly 

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