10,000,000 Views on YouTube and I Still Can’t Get A F%^*!$g Cab!

Jun 03, 2012

In 2007 Len uploaded his first video to YouTube, $250,000 in My Pocket and I Still Can’t Get a F%^*!$g Cab. 5 years and almost 400 videos later, his channel has surpassed 10,000,000 views, including having the #1 most-watched video in the world for a day. Join the filmmaker on a visual odyssey as he shares short vignettes from his travels on planet Earth and tells the stories behind them: getting detained by foreign military police, filming animal birth and slaughter, portraits of naked holy men, pimps and their harems. The evening traces the rise of YouTube and Len’s wild journey creating and posting online video content over the last decade+. Celebrate our shared global experiences and the different daily realities we each live, with heavy doses of laughter, love and joy.


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