Goodbye First Love

Jun 15 - Jun 21, 2012

(Mia Hansen-Love, France, 2011, 35mm, 110 min)

Seattle Premiere! 

Goodbye First Love is a teenage romance directed with the knowing wisdom of a veteran.   Tenderly observing the near-sightedness of inexperienced love, the film follows Camille from stomach butterflies through heartache.  Showing her transition from fifteen-year-old girl to woman, the film illustrates the magnitude and lasting effects of a first relationship.  As in the literary tradition of romanticism, the setting beautifully traces the emotional churnings of its protagonist. In contrast, the casual interactions between the characters are directed with grace, juxtaposing their momentous significance.

“But this confessional also makes sure to touch on a variety of common unassailable truths, ones not often expressed with such gentleness on-screen…Hansen-Love, as the title of her film suggests, poignantly emphasizes the inherent sadness of growing up.”

Benjamin Mercer, Reverse Shot

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