Reach of Resonance

Jul 02 - Jul 03, 2012

(Steve Elkins, USA, 2010, Blu-ray, 116 min)

Seattle Premiere! 

Reach of Resonance is both a philosophic and sonic journey.  Beginning with the notion that music is simply vibrations moving through the air, the film examines four “noise making” musicians.  Each musician utilizes politics, nature and technology capturing sounds such as cockroaches, wars, fences and even Aurora Borealis's magnetic field.  In a compelling film for more than just noise music fans, Elkins revises cultural notions of music and instrument.
“As film, as an expression of a maturing idea about how music engages us, as a radical transformation of what began as a tribute to performers he admired into an original thesis about art and life, Steve's work is inimitable.” -Dean Rowan, Accidental Blogger
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