Search & Rescue

Jul 05, 2012


Did you know Northwest Film Forum houses over 7,000 films, de-accessioned from educational institutions and donated by private collectors? Ranging from political propaganda to educational reels to scientific documents to the unclassifiable, this collection is full of surprises, accidental poetry, intentional mistakes and random moments of enlightenment.  Our Search and Rescue quarterly screening series offers up the greatest commodity in cinema today: the unexpected.

This July, revel in a smorgasborg of cinematic frivolities hand-selected from the Film Forum’s archive of educational, instructional and downright catastrophic 16mms reels. With a treasure of subjects ranging from the vast intricacies of molluscoidea to the newsreels of faded beauty queens, the vault houses the past in all of it's imperfect glory. 

We’re delighted our fabulous visiting archivist Gem Seddon has finally begun to bring order and clarity to our vault of film wonders!  All proceeds from this Search and Rescue screening will be donated to support Gem’s continuing work on the archive – we hope you can join us for an evening of film discovery and support the ongoing cataloguing of our collection.




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