Around the World with Children's Film Festival Seattle 2012

Aug 11 - Aug 12, 2012

(Various directors and countries, 66 min)

This program of live-action and animated shorts from Children’s Film Festival Seattle 2012 is a passport to a world of imagination. You’ll meet magical characters, laugh at funny stories and learn how friendship makes the planet go ‘round.  These short films charmed audiences at our 2012 Festival - now it’s your turn to snuggle with your little ones and enjoy the show.
LITTLE RED PLANE (Charlotte Blacker, England, 3:39 min.)
A boy and his cat hop in a knitted red plane to deliver packages all over the world and beyond.
SNOWFLAKES AND CARROTS (Samantha Leriche-Gionet, Canada, 4 min).
A little girls is stealing the noses from snowmen  — but she has a good reason!
LOVE BUG (Kat Candler, USA, 6 min.)
A nine-year-old, bug-loving boy must work up his courage to ask a like-minded little girl out on a date. Winner of the Children’s Jury Prize for Best Live Action Short.
TREVOR (Matthieu Saghezchi, France, 3 min.)
A little boy’s mind speeds up, just when it time for it to slow down.  In French with English subtitles.
OLGA (Kai Pannen, Germany 6:14 min.)
A sweet animated film about feelings, and the way that friends can help each other. In German with English subtitles.
MUNGGE: NOT AGAIN! (Irmgard Walthert, Switzerland 6:20 min.)
Two marmots and a hedgehog must try to rescue their sleepwalking friend. In Swiss German with English subtitles.
THE DRIVING ACCIDENT (Rio Fitch, Canada, 5 min).
A minor mess becomes a big one when a little boy attempts to clean up a mishap. Winner of the Children’s Jury Northwest Prize.
DODU: THE CARDBOARD BOY (Jose Miguel Ribeiro, Portugal, 5 min.)
A boy and his ladybug friend leave the city and set sail on a magical adventure.
ADVENTURES OF OWEN (David Cadiz, Canada, 13 min.)
A boy harnesses the power of his imagination to soar above his everyday problems.
CELLO (Tatiana Kurnaeva, Russia, 6 min).
A boy practicing the cello is transported to a magical place.
BIG DRIVE (Anita Lebeau, Canada, 9 min.)
Four sisters use their imaginations to make an endless road trip fun. Winner of the Children’s Jury Prize for Best Animated Film. 



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